Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saskatoon Berry Perogies

My mom spelled it "Peroku" on the recipe - German???
No photos yet - too busy eating them to upload any - besides they really aren't very pretty. Doughy mounds. BUT OHHH SOOOO GOOD. My grandma used to make them. Not sure if it was a Mennonite thing or a Saskatoon thing. I can tell you I haven't met very many people who have had them over the years - most people don't even know what the berries are.....
We always ate them as a meal. Not a well rounded healthy meal but one us kids gorged ourselves on - there was never enough perogies..... I don't remember any side dishes or anything. Maybe I just couldn't have been bothered with them. Unfortunately my Grandma isn't around to ask anymore.....
The recipe...

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp vegetable oil
3/4 cup warm water
1 egg, well beaten

Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients. Place on floured surface and knead well. If you are the proud owner of a standing mixer this is MUCH easier. I just got one as a wedding present (thank you mom and sister) I dumped the ingredients in and let it go for a few moments and voila! LOVE IT.
Roll into ball. Let stand in warm place for 1/2 hour to soften and rise a little.

4 cups Saskatoon Berries (I have never tried this with any other fruit - that would be sacrilege)
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp flour

Mix together

Pinch off dough in apricot sized pieces. Roll out into circles. Place some berries and sugar mixture on top. Fold in half and seal edges with fingers dipped in flour.

Bring a pot of water to boil with 2 tsp salt. Boil a few peruko at a time 5 - 7 minutes. Drain.

Serve with melted butter poured on top.

Now I'm not sure if I'm not shoving enough berries in my perogies or where I have gone wrong but today I am doubling my dough receipe in order to use up all of the berries I have left. The perogies are HUGE and I honestly don't feel like I could shove anymore berries in them without worrying about them exploding... The trick with these is to not have them open up in the boiling water. If you do the juice all drains out and they become dry - not as much fun. I only had one open on me this time - my first time I was not nearly as successful...

I'll stick a couple iphone photos in here later. I'm telling you they are NOT pretty. I also do not photograph food very well. But they are so so tasty.

I'l share another little story here before I go. Hubby is out golfing and I'm waiting for the dough to rise...
I LOVE saskatoons. Saskatoon is my favourite pie and as far as I am concerned the only pie worth making/eating. But it is really hard to get saskatoon berries in BC - well where I am in BC. So I have to wait until they are ready and then our local grocery store gets a few in. Only once. That's it, All year. And I'm lucky I get that. Most grocery stores don't bother with them since no one knows what they are out there.
So I knew it was time this year and kept checking the grocery store and annoying the poor produce guy. Everyday for a week he was saying maybe tomorrow. I'd get up at 8:00am go straight to the grocery store (unemployed last week!) only to find out they didn't come....
This Tuesday - after a full week of checking everyday - I got a call to work. I forgot to go to the store on my way home to check and only remembered Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday night I got off work at 9:00pm - the store was open until 10 so I ran in to check.
THEY WERE IN. BUT THERE WAS ONLY 2 CARTONS LEFT. That is enough for maybe 2 pies. That is it. I was soooo sad. I like to freeze them so I can have them all year. I bought my 2 cartons and asked if there would be anymore but the guy didn't sound hopeful.
I came home and slowly went down the stairs to the kitchen. I was so upset with myself for forgetting on Tuesday, I turned on the light in the kitchen and screamed.
My husband (I love calling him that!) had been to the grocery store and bought ALL OF THE BERRIES. He bought 10 cartons leaving the 2 I bought behind. I now had a dozen cartons!!!!! I was sooooo happy!!!!!! They took up the entire kitchen table.
It took me awhile this morning to wash and freeze them all but I am happy to say I have enough berries to make one pie a month until Saskatoon berry season next year. There was even a few left over from that so I made a few pies to take to work this week and the perogies today..... Now we ration the remaining berries.....
Happy Saskatchewan girl stuck in B.C.

My dough must be ready now. Back to perogy making...


  1. I just fell in love with Luc for doing this for you. I can taste the goodness.

  2. the recipe must be from this book:
    Luc is not the worst guy in the world- you did okay.
    (I am not "still " up- just woke up with computer next to me)

  3. Thanks for the fabu idea i have made perogies but never with my favorite berry. If you are on vancouver island there is a farm out side of Cobble Hill where they have berries for picking as well as pre picked frozen for sale. I also find with the dough if you are pinching them closed by hand to wet one of the edges with water as it helps to seal the dough together.

    Howard Redford