Saturday, February 11, 2012

Still alive. Still love my job.
Another Friday night being the last one at the office. Another Saturday full of naps. (3 to be exact although the last one wasn't very long as a certain chubby puppy wanted supper)

Not much new to type about.

Have been doing a few personal sewing projects that have been gathering dust for awhile. Some successful others are going straight in the bin. Nothing worth posting photos of. Hoping soon to have enough energy to get back in the wearable art game. I'm missing two years in a row and it makes me sad.

Been trying to Xcountry ski. I'm not very good at it but found out at a lesson in Whistler that it was partially due to the wrong equipment. Wrong skis and poles that were too long. I'm in the process of fixing that and when we go out next week I hope to see some improvement. I still managed to have a wonderful time last weekend. It's been so warm I was skiing in a tshirt! (Kinda hoped for a suntan but that was wishful thinking) I think my legs have finally recovered and the bruises are gone.
From Skiing with Melissa in Whistler

Bought Abba dance for my wii. SO MUCH FUN. No one has yet been witness to my amazing moves but I'm planning a show down in a few weeks with one of the ladies. The dictator is not allowed to be home.

Time for bed. Watch out for Melissa and I on the slopes. We don't know how to stop.
From Skiing with Melissa in Whistler