Saturday, October 20, 2012

 Once Upon a time is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week.

 Eduardo!!! Our costumes!!! A video!!!

I was almost in L.A. for this photoshoot as our costumes got stuck in customs. In memphis. Why were they in memphis who knows. I had a hotel booked and flights booked and was just waiting to see if the costumes would get there on time. If not I had a suitcase packed with back up costumes to take on the plane with me. Sadly for me they arrived. No photoshoot for me. The crazy thing is the dressers Eduardo hired for the day to help are actually in the magazine!!! CRAZY!!!! I don't know if I would have liked that. The recognition - yes, but a photo of me next to these two cutie patooties hell no.

This week Hook is finally on. YAY! We like hook. Very excited for this episode to air...