Sunday, September 23, 2012

I just bought one of these.  I've wanted one for awhile. This week I found out a friend at work swears by them so I broke down and bought it. I have no idea if it working yet but I'm thrilled our bedroom smells of "liquid sunshine" instead of dirty laundry and dog hair.  Now I'm obsessed with buying all the different oils for it. Tonight I'm trying the 'immune' blend and if I wake up even feeling a little less sore all over then I do today I'm considering it a miracle.

I've been doing Zumba pretty regularly since May and this was the first week I really felt unable to do it because my body hurts all over. This mornings class was really just an embarrassment. So to feel better I stopped at a burger place on my way home... heh heh way to go.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blogging again. Only because I want something. Of course. I am running (well walking to be accurate) in the CIBC  run for the cure 5km. And I want you to donate.
A good friend of mine if currently battling breaast cancer. She had her second chemo treatment last week. Her hair is all gone. She is tired, nauseous, all those fun things. AND she is the mother of a 4 yr old girl and twin (almost) 1 yr old boys.
She still has many months of chemo to go, then radiation and then another surgery to recover from.
Please donate, any little amount helps. $5 even - just to show Julia your support. She seemed so excited today when I told her how many people had joined our team and how much money we had raised already . I've given myself a $500 goal and I'm still $100 away......

Donate here!

Thanks all.

Other then that not much new. Work work work. I can't wait for episodes to start airing to I can share some of the secrets I've been holding in for so long. AHHHH!!!! There is some beautiful costumes we have been making so far this year... beauuuuutiful.....

Puppies are good. Made them matching hoodies to wear for the run - now I need to work on my outfit!