Friday, June 29, 2012

Still waiting for the sunshine to come out to get proper photos for my otherwise finished etsy pattern. We tried to go fishing yesterday - there was one bite but more rain then anything. June 28th and I am still wearing my puffy coat from marmotpro......

From Fishing in Junuary

Friday, June 22, 2012

I almost have a new pattern done for my etsy shop!!!!!

Soon my pretties.... I just need a sunny day so I can take some photos of the finished object. Well ok. Then it might not be soon as the sunshine doesn't seem to come around these parts much.
The Darkness is coming out with a new album in August. (my other future husband) I can barely wait...
Hot cakes.
I have the new single "every inch of you" on repeat. Along with every single other song of theirs.

And now I find out that Stars is coming out with a new album in Sept!!! I'm GOING TO EXPLODE.

Usually when ONE of these groups puts out a new album I have it on repeat/shuffle FOR A YEAR and quite happily listen to it every single day over and over and over. Heck - the darkness hasn't had a new album in almost 10 years and I still listen to them every single day. How am I going to handle two albums in the span of 2 months. Explode I tell you. EXPLODE.

My other future husband cracks me up. (read the tweets from the bottom up or it will make NO sense. It still might not make sense)

Torquil Campbell isn't my future husband but he still makes me pretty happy. I should find a role for him in my made up fantasy life. Best friend??? Co worker??? Guy who constantly writes me love songs and I keep breaking his heart??? He does write great break up songs....
He's been tweeting lyrics all week.... I love it.

Really you couldn't find two totally different bands. If you like The Darkness you probably hate Stars and vice versa. It's going to be difficult to come up with a playlist that works for both of them. Sigh. The things I have to deal with. My life is SO HARD.

I'm back... Procrastinating. It's been so long since I've blogged the format has al changed and I'm messing things up.... Here is a little video I made of our dolphin foot push photos. I'm pretending if you flip through them really fast you can pretend it is a movie....

So I was babbling about mexico. I could continue. But really. you can just go to the link attached to the photos and look at our entire vacation for yourselves. We had fun. It felt like we did alot more this time and I actually was able to relax. Last year I couldn't sleep because of the waves - THEY WERE SO LOUD. This year the waves weren't a problem but the bugs were. I would wake up with my legs covered in bug bites. My attempts at covering myself in bug spray before bed weren't successful so I would lie awake wondering if every little itch was another bug eating me.... 
There also was the problem of the crabs - they didn't keep me awake but I did find them humorous.

From Tulum Mexico 2012
I'd hear tick scratch tick tick scratch and wake up to find them climbing the wall next to my bed! I didn't know crabs could climb walls with those weird stick legs... Minou loved chasing them around and somehow managed to not get her nose pinched.

I bought some fabulous stuff to hang on the wall but haven't taken any photos of it - I should. I will.  Soon.  Maybe after a nap.
More later. Maybe. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wow. I'm still a lame blogger! Done the feature film I was on - I think. Every time I think I am done they call me back for one more day. I'm pretty sure I am done now. Had lots of fun with the stunt boys - maybe I few of them will show up on the next one. Giggled even more with the costume girls. Managed to collect a few bizarre stories about extras too. Remind me to tell you about the guy with shingles.... yup. Shingles....
 Now I am awaiting the start of season 2 of once upon a time.... YAY! We are back. Looks like we will be off to a busy start. YAY! I kind of feel like I have been at summer camp while working on the film - spending days outside in the woods, getting up early, eating off of paper plates. But now it is time to get back to school - a desk! Nice clothes! All my friends! I haven't bought any new pencil crayons and markers yet - there is still time....
 We managed to squeeze in a trip to Mexico to. Back to the same place we got married. I think we are going to make this an annual thing, we love it there sooo much. We went to Xel-Ha this time - TWICE. AMAZING. We zip lined into the water, snorkled, swam with dolphins, tubed through the mangroves, ate, ate some more, snorkled some more, ate even more...
From Tulum Mexico 2012
From Tulum Mexico 2012
From Tulum Mexico 2012
From Tulum Mexico 2012
From Tulum Mexico 2012

We spent a day at the Coba ruins and climbed the big temple. It was hot - no big surprise. But I stupidly left my water at the bottom with my dad. When I got to the top I was a little freaked and decided I had to get down quickly and have my water. I think I should have gone up again as the temple was almost empty of people by the time we were leaving.
From Tulum Mexico 2012
From Tulum Mexico 2012
From Tulum Mexico 2012

We spent alot of time on our secluded private beach. Boogie boarding and reading. I read 10 books while we were gone. I haven't read that much in years. Minou and Birdie were with us and seemed to enjoy it there much more this year. I think they understood that we weren't abandoning them there and were able to relax just like us. (Last year minou spent most of her time sitting in my suitcase - this year she would sprawl out in the sand and not pay any attention to our movements)
From Tulum Mexico 2012
From Tulum Mexico 2012
(love this photo of luc and the girls walking up to our villa)
 oh... my attempt to blog has just been interrupted by the fact it is way past my bedtime... I'll try and come back. Maybe tomorrow. ;)