Friday, November 27, 2009

From Christmas 2009

Today was supposed to be my last day on this show... Alas it wasn't to be. However it was still the last day for many other people so it was time to bring on the presents. There is 30+ people in the wardrobe on this show and giving them all something cheap that they won't throw out as soon as they are home is difficult. I saw the cowboy cookies on Bakerella's site and thought I could do something similar! And it was a huge hit!
I tried Bakerella's cowboy cookies recipe but it didn't work out for me. I think it might just be me. But I adapted another chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe I found online. I bought christmas colored M&m's, 2 dozen jars, and went for it.... One evening was spent making the label (the instructions are on the back - it is just a legal sized paper cut ad taped on - nothing fancy) and two evenings spent filling the jars. It could go faster but I found a canning funnel essential so that meant doing them one at a time....
Everyone loved them. I knew I didn't have enough for everybody but there is always someone with an allergy and someone on a diet so when I left today there was still 2 left. Perfect. Whew....
I'm so glad.... I highly recommend it! It still probably cost $100 for all the ingredients and the jars but for $24 people that is a $4 gift that I couldn't duplicate anywhere else.
Now I guess I better start my homework that is due tomorrow!


  1. Ooooooh - you're so stinkin' smart! This is a great idea. Love your labels.

    I should probably crack open my "gifts from the kitchen" book and make up some jars this Christmas.