Saturday, April 24, 2010

From Vegas 2010

Had an awesome time with my lady friends in Vegas.... Two of us don't drink and I think I only gambled away $3.00 but apparently there is a few more things to do there. We did lots of walking - LOTS. Lots of staying up late. eating of Mexican food (my favourite) Drinking of starbucks (they were everywhere) Shopping.... Sitting by the pool (but only the first two days because then it rained)
Our last night we went to see Ka. (Hence the picture of the crazy guy below with blue hair.) It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen - including the 5 or so cirque shows I have seen before. This one blew them all away. I think everyone needs to go there and see it. It can't travel - the stage is 15 stories high. Since being home I have watched the entire thing on you tube over and over. I've just ben told there is a new cirque/Robert Lepage collaboration opening in Montreal this summer, Totem. The touring dates aren't all announced yet, hopefully it will come a little closer to home.
I'm still exhausted. Slept most of the day yesterday and only woke up at noon today.
Good little Holiday. Thanks T. It will be in my memories forever!!! (Best bachelorette party ever - that is what they kept telling me it was, only I never had to wear a silly hat or t-shirt that said bride on it)

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