Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm sad this week. My dear dear coworker and friend miss K on OUAT has worked her last full day with us on season 3. She has a 'bundle of joy' arriving sometime in October. We had hoped she would be with us a little longer but it's getting difficult to keep up with our long 12 hour days. I am very happy for her but will miss seeing her big blue eyes and amazing smile sitting across from me every morning. 
She's always been there to help me on a busy day, let me rant on an angry day, take glamour shots on a good hair day, and be teased on a silly day. I've learned so much from her - when to make something pretty, when to let go, when to argue with Eduardo, when to just do it myself. 
I hope she enjoys her time with the new baby, otherwise known as Edna and various other names from Eduardo. (Can't remember his current fav I'm sure it is a boys name that starts with an O) if we have a season 4 and she still wants to come back I will be thrilled to see her again. It won't be the same without her but if she decides to stay at home with her mini me I hope she will let me visit and text obnoxiously. 
I know this is just maternity leave but we work 12 hours a day. I spend more awake time with miss K then my husband. Often on long shows you can't stand to see your co workers by the end, but I've had the opposite result with her - after 3 years in a cramped office - competing for Eduardo's attention. 

Congratulations miss K! I will miss you everyday. Come visit -often. I might need some sparkly advice so if you ever feel like jewelry shopping..... 
We must have one more mani pedi before little Otis comes (was that the name?)

Much love 
-A xoxo

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