Friday, July 8, 2011

Taking over the world....

I have a plan. It involves bridal wear. And I decided next time I was between films I would get to work on it.
Well it has been a week and I have been doing 10 hour days on it and i have nothing to show for it! Seriously I don't work this hard on my real jobs. My problem is I'm not quite as talented as my imagination would have me believe. Stupid imagination.
My plans is starting with patterns for various bodices and skirts that could be wedding dresses (or bridesmaids dresses) I'm been working on one bodice all week. I'm still tweaking the actual pattern never mind the sewing instructions. It takes me forever. I've made it 4 times this week already. I still have to try and figure out the other sizes too or right now I will only be able to sell sz 10's as that is my mannequin size.
It looks good though non?

Taking a break from this bodice today though - trying a skirt....

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