Thursday, June 30, 2011

And the groom wore Alexander McQueen

I know I know. You all think Kate Middleton did it first but I had purchased some of the Dictator's clothing long before she even announced she was engaged! HA!
I few months before Xmas last year I spotted this tie while working. (did I mention I work as a buyer for tv shows and movies - it is a dangerous job) (it's got tiny skulls on it!!!)

We had already bought a plain black tie but BORING. I was wearing freaking leopard print - my groom needed some pizazz.... It was a little pricey though. I didn't buy it.
Christmas approaches (ok not christmas exactly but the idea of christmas - more like october approaches) and it is still in the store. DARING me to buy it. Well. I little tie doesn't scare me. I bought it and under the Xmas tree it went. My over the top tie purchase now disguised as a Xmas present. HA HA HAAAAAA....

Jump forward another month or two and my groom still doesn't have a shirt! He has everything else, vest, shoes, ring, BUT NO SHIRT. I tried to get him to go shopping with me to no avail. So I start looking while I'm at work again.
And look what I accidentally found - I didn't even know there was an Alexander McQueen section in the store!

I wanted something with a bit of personality, lightweight, some stretch, not to big of a collar..... It was all those and my favourite designer. It was WAYYYY too much money so I bought it and told the salesperson I would probably have to bring it back - but asked him if we could cut the price tag off in my attempt to get the Dictator to like it.
I took it home and showed it to the dictator.
He smiled. Then he frowned - "where did you buy this?"
I lied "zellers" he totally knew I was lying but he liked it.
He tried it on - a perfect fit.

So yes. My groom wore Alexander McQueen...


  1. Just so you know, I did notice how awesome his dress shirt was that day. It totally worked.

  2. Okay, so Steph was doing knitter stuff on Ravelry and I saw it.

    I asked about you and Minou (forgot Birdie's name, but that's okay, I think she forgets it too).

    Steph links to you lovely wedding video.

    I watch it. I cry (not unusual, but i thought you should know).

    And damn, if you aren't still blogging. Cool and congratulations to you and the dictator. It looked like a great wedding in a beautiful spot.

  3. anmiryam! It's been so long!! hello!!!
    still here... changed a bit over the years but still here and so are the pups.
    thank you thank you thank you!!
    so good to hear from you!