Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm back... Procrastinating. It's been so long since I've blogged the format has al changed and I'm messing things up.... Here is a little video I made of our dolphin foot push photos. I'm pretending if you flip through them really fast you can pretend it is a movie....

So I was babbling about mexico. I could continue. But really. you can just go to the link attached to the photos and look at our entire vacation for yourselves. We had fun. It felt like we did alot more this time and I actually was able to relax. Last year I couldn't sleep because of the waves - THEY WERE SO LOUD. This year the waves weren't a problem but the bugs were. I would wake up with my legs covered in bug bites. My attempts at covering myself in bug spray before bed weren't successful so I would lie awake wondering if every little itch was another bug eating me.... 
There also was the problem of the crabs - they didn't keep me awake but I did find them humorous.

From Tulum Mexico 2012
I'd hear tick scratch tick tick scratch and wake up to find them climbing the wall next to my bed! I didn't know crabs could climb walls with those weird stick legs... Minou loved chasing them around and somehow managed to not get her nose pinched.

I bought some fabulous stuff to hang on the wall but haven't taken any photos of it - I should. I will.  Soon.  Maybe after a nap.
More later. Maybe. 

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