Friday, June 22, 2012

The Darkness is coming out with a new album in August. (my other future husband) I can barely wait...
Hot cakes.
I have the new single "every inch of you" on repeat. Along with every single other song of theirs.

And now I find out that Stars is coming out with a new album in Sept!!! I'm GOING TO EXPLODE.

Usually when ONE of these groups puts out a new album I have it on repeat/shuffle FOR A YEAR and quite happily listen to it every single day over and over and over. Heck - the darkness hasn't had a new album in almost 10 years and I still listen to them every single day. How am I going to handle two albums in the span of 2 months. Explode I tell you. EXPLODE.

My other future husband cracks me up. (read the tweets from the bottom up or it will make NO sense. It still might not make sense)

Torquil Campbell isn't my future husband but he still makes me pretty happy. I should find a role for him in my made up fantasy life. Best friend??? Co worker??? Guy who constantly writes me love songs and I keep breaking his heart??? He does write great break up songs....
He's been tweeting lyrics all week.... I love it.

Really you couldn't find two totally different bands. If you like The Darkness you probably hate Stars and vice versa. It's going to be difficult to come up with a playlist that works for both of them. Sigh. The things I have to deal with. My life is SO HARD.

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