Friday, June 3, 2011

From Churros!!!!

I used our new mixer today to make churros - AWESOME. I used the receipe from It worked just fine once I figured out the oil temperature which is significantly lower here at sea level. (Receipe called for 375 but it looked like it should be more like 225 for me)
YUMMY. At the wedding they were served with warm caramel sauce for dessert. I left mine half eaten to go cut the cake and when I came back they were gone!!!! so I've been wanting more ever since. Luc had them bring me some more but I was so stuffed into my dress at that point (I ate SO MUCH FOOD) I couldn't even attempt to eat more....
Tonight Virgin Pina Coladas. Or the drink we had at Le Zebra called the full moon - coconut, pineapple and fresh mint. SO GOOD. I miss Mexico so much already.

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