Sunday, June 5, 2011

I bought this amazing necklace to wear on my wedding day from my amazing friend Bridget. I kept buying jewelry for my big day and nothing seemed right. I finally realized I wanted a pendant but couldn't find anything I liked. I have a small heart I wear everyday from Bridget and one day I remembered she had a bigger pendant. PERFECT. I called Bridget and picked it up that day.

When I read the description for the Big Laughing Heart it feels like it was definitely the perfect choice for me.

Grandfather Fire resides in Big Laughing Heart. The playful elder is the keeper of stories that connects us to the heart as gravity connects our body to earth. The Big Laughing Heart resonates love and helps to transform the mundane to high spirited frolic and fun.

I was surprised to open my garter from my bridesmaids A and discovered one of Bridget's vertebrae charms hanging from it. I'll post photos when I get some!

I adore Bridget's work....

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